360 Biostacking

The Lunar Way

Once you’re under our roof, a wide range of wellness practices will always be close at hand. Think of the Lunar Wellness Suite as your one-stop shop – simply browse through our services and curate a luxurious routine that gives you exactly what you need. 

Red Light Therapy

A luxurious path to pain relief, inflammation reduction, wound healing, and skin rejuvination.


Revitalise your skin, clear your mind, alleviate discomfort, and trigger the release of euphoric endorphins.

Infrared Sauna

Purify your mind and body, uplift your spirits, and elevate your overall well-being.

NAD Drips

Your gateway to weight management, metabolic enhancement, and a vigorous surge of energy.

Lymphatic Compression

Elegance and efficacy combined; refine and firm your skin, soothe your muscles, and relieve discomfort.

Oxygen IHHT

Elevate your endurance, speed up recovery, and most importantly, achieve clarity of mind.

Body Massage

An indulgent escape to inflammation reduction, accelerated post-workout recovery, and a serene enhancement in sleep quality.


Immaculately cleanse your skin, enhance complexion radiance, and unwind.

Incorporate luxury wellness into your daily routine

All backed by scientific research, the treatments at our Wellness Suite have each been designed to enhance your health in both the short-term and long-term.