The Lunar Lounge

Socialise, Relax and Co-work

From the sunrise breakfast to the moonlit dinner, your holistic wellness journey will reach new heights with our 360 approach to nutrition. We’ve curated a bespoke food and beverage menu with quality ingredients that’ll ensure to provide you with the fuel you need, without compromising on taste.


Your oasis of support, inclusivity, community, and knowledge.

The Meridian envelops you in a world of indulgence, where monthly community gatherings and serene sound baths await. Here, we’ve crafted an external sanctuary, carefully curated to foster meaningful member connections.


Elevate your wellness journey to celestial heights by immersing yourself in our exclusive opportunities for learning. Explore innovative treatments and cutting-edge technologies under the expert guidance of thought leaders, ensuring you receive the utmost support and knowledge on your path to well-being. Take it from us – connecting with the thought leaders that come to Lunar only happens once in a blue moon.



At Lunar Health Clubs, we've created a home away from home for like-minded individuals to come together under the simple yet powerful goal of becoming better. As a valued member of our tight-knit community, you'll never walk alone on your path to well-being. Here, you’ll find unconditional support in every room you walk into, continually feeling the embrace of a community united by a deep appreciation for wellness.