Lunar Strength


Indulge in a high-intensity boxing session, suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or just starting, each class allows you to set your own pace in our studio that will be filled with atmospheric music to train along to.Box Fit sessions are divided into two segments. In the first half, our expert trainer will guide you through a variety of punching combinations. The latter half involves a range of functional training exercises, targeting different body parts each day, to really get the full experience of training like a boxer to the sound of music.


Get ready for the ultimate Total body workout which will improve your overall strength and endurance. Our experienced instructor will keep your workouts interesting and challenging, targeting multiple muscle groups in a single session. You'll be using a mixture of body weight, equipment and cardio based exercises which can be adjusted to suit various fitness levels.


Held on the gym floor this Hybrid Athlete Class brings together two disciplines within one workout. Heavy strength training mixed with high-intensity functional fitness. Expect to use barbells, dumbbells, alongside cardio equipment in every session!


Dance fusion combines elements of various dance styles with fitness to create an energetic and engaging workout. Join this fun and effective way to improve cardiovascular health and coordination while enjoying rhythmic movements to music. Incorporating high-energy choreography set to upbeat music, making it enjoyable for all fitness levels. The fusion aspect allows for creativity and variety, as our instructors can blend different dance styles and fitness techniques to keep the workouts dynamic and engaging.