Lunar Align


Discover the art of precision and elevate your fitness regimen while challenging both mind and body. Focused on resistance movements that enhance core strength utilising the springs integrated into the reformer bed, you will be guided by our expert instructors and assured to achieve a rigorous workout. Experience sophisticated, high-intensity exercises using a range of equipment meticulously designed to deliver a session focused on strength and flexibility. Proficiency with reformer equipment ensures you experience the pinnacle of reformer Pilates excellence.


Reformer Strong is designed to cultivate mastery in strength and flexibility, offering a meticulously crafted workout that sculpts and tones your muscles while providing a comprehensive full-body experience. Flow effortlessly through exercises integrating advanced equipment, tailored to enhance your overall strength and fitness. Ideal for participants progressing to an intermediate level in Reformer Pilates, with precise coaching on transitions and pace to optimise your workout experience.


Discover the perfect blend of slower pace and precision, ideal for beginners progressing toward an intermediate level. Engage in a full-body workout emphasising technique, strength, balance, and flexibility, fostering improved alignment, mobility, and posture.


Elevate your flexibility with our full body stretch class, designed to refine and expand your range of motion using Reformer equipment for deeper stretches and enhanced muscle elongation. Immerse yourself in a curated sequence of stretches guided by our skilled instructors, aimed at enhancing overall mobility and flexibility. Suitable for all levels, this session promotes a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.